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Cover Reveal:

Coming Soon

Cover Reveal:

Coming Soon

Below the depths of darkness

the mermaid princess



What if a drug existed that- when ingested- could warp your consciousness into another dimension? What if this dimension were a reality of existence where you could walk, talk, live and learn from a peaceful foreign form of intelligent life? What if life among these beings were so much greater than your life back on dystopian Earth that you wanted to stay and live with them forever? What if the only key through their gate of eternity were suicide?


Set in the late 1800's during the American civil war, Dust is a western style tale of transformation. What it is to leave for war a boy and then be shaped through combat before returning a man. Growing up on the east coast, Evan McCarthy runs from his past only to find himself sinking deeper in the sands of a violent and hostile life that is propelled by self-loathing, fear, and greed.

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